COVID-19 English

Important announcement

Important announcement regarding actual situation

Overwhelming development of current situation in our country as well as in whole world is challenging us all. All of us are surprised by paralyzed all means of transport, as well as quarantine in Europe as well as the other part of our planet. The Major part of activities and plans getting changed on many levels of our social, cultural and social life.

Company Asiana, operator of flight portal, which belongs to group of local biggest sellers of flight tickets, is heavily hit by current status. The selected flights started to cancel from the February 2020 but now all flights are getting cancelled for the closest upcoming period. All operators are overloaded by cancelation of the flights. The freshly issued tickets for returning flights, getting today cancel due to cancelled flights. Everyone in our company are involved in thousands of  requests for refunds. All requests are processing one by one. Current situation needs mutual tolerance. We strongly believe that all will get back to normal in  a near future.

We recommend to all Travellers, who are hit by cancelled flight or hit by new restrictions by governments of respective countries, to contact us immediately. Based on IATA resolution  830d, we inform you that contact to all passengers’ contact details are shared  with air carriers to enable them to contact passengers in such a unexpected situation and react accordingly. We are trying to do our best to provide our customers with maximum help.

This is unusual period of time

The most recent development not only turned down the demand for the flight tickets but also bringing changes in travel rules in many countries. This is forcing the air carriers to change their schedule of flights. In case your booking is affected by this sudden change we are kindly asking you for understanding.

How to contact us?

We are  experiencing unusual demand on our call-centre. We are trying our best. The waiting time to connect with our operator can be very long these days. We kindly request you to contact us by e-mail or via online form. We are putting maximum effort to manage all request. The way of contacting directly the air carrier can be also very effective.

Our Outlets

Our main aim is safety of our clients and staff therefore we temporarily close our outlets. The reopening will be subject of regulation of Czech Government. You can contact us via e-mail or phone. Thank you for your understanding.

The Flight booking in a period of closed borders

Information for the travellers based on Measures adopted valid from 16th March 2020:

·        As of 16 March, the access to CZ forbidden for all foreign nationals, with the exception of foreign nationals with permanent residence or temporary residence of over 90 days and foreign nationals whose entry is in the interest of CZ.

·        Persons travelling from risk areas (as defined by Ministry of Health, 15 for the moment) must submit themselves to mandatory 2 weeks quarantine.

·        CZ citizensare forbidden from departing the country(with possibility of exceptionse.g.cross-border workers).

·        Foreign nationals with permanent residence or temporary residence of over 90 days may depart the country without right to return for the duration of the state of emergency.


For more info please visit the web page of Ministry of the Interior of Czech Republic